Review: Ex Back Experts System For Men

Mike here, Presenting my brutally honest opinion of Dean Cortez’s Ex Back Experts System For Men.


I’m lounging here in the VIP Members Area and I have to admit that I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed and not sure what to look at first. There are so many goodies here and the bonus section is like an entire program of it’s own.

Judging from the sheer volume and variety of content I’m going to start off by saying, this is a HOLISTIC guide for men

It addresses how to get your ex girlfriend back. But if you decide you don’t in fact want her back, look no further, you have everything you need for getting a new girlfriend. Or just getting some no-strings-attached action. Jackpot.

What do you get?

The updated Version 2.0 Ex Back Experts

  1. Intro: Handling The Breakup
  2. The 7 Deadly Mistakes - The necessary knowledge of how you may be royally screwing up your chances. 
  3. The “No Contact” Period -  This is n extensive bit that shows what you are supposed to be doing during the famed No Contact Rule. No you don’t sit on your ass watching cartoons and intermittently sobbing. Answers what you do if your ex girlfriend contacts you, provides exceptions to the rule, and a true story.
  4. Becoming “The New You” Version 2.0 - Not instruction on how to be someone else, of course. But an expose of how you can become the best man you can, which you should strive for, always. Includes What Women Want, How to Upgrade yourself, and a true story. How to be the change.
  5. The Negative Emotion Neutralizer - Revolutionary little tool: 5 Steps to  immobilize your negative mindset, which can be detrimental on many levels. Stress is a killer.
  6. What You Absolutely Must Not Do -Friend zone? Cuddling?
  7. Keep Working At It - Getting into the rhythm of being reunited.
  8. Moving Forward - Don’t fall back into the old rhythm.
  9. Now That You’ve Got Her Back…Don’t Lose Her Again! - This is an essential aspect of getting your ex girlfriend back, that many “gurus” neglect to divulge. But honestly, what is the damn point of getting back your ex if you can’t keep her. You may as well look for someone new…
  10. FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions - This FAQ section at the end is a comprehensive set of realistic questions that you may have, so that’s a neat and valuable resource. I love FAQ’s.

Sample FAQ: If you have questions like this, they will be answered.

  • “My girlfriend and I had a pet fish/cat/iguana/whatever together. Is it okay if I go to her place to see it?”
  • “I want to lean on my friends a bit for support, but all the want to do is talk shit about my ex, and I don’t want to hear it. How should I deal with them?”

Audiobook 1.0 Version – So, if you don’t want to sit around straining your eyes you can listen to it while you go for a jog or multitask. Version 2.0 Audio coming soon…

OPTIONAL Additional Value: You have the unique opportunity (don’t worry it’s not obligatory) to gain access to these features:

  • Recurring content and  continual support and new material and resources every month.

Unfortunately ):

  • The massive compilation of info included in this system holds the risk of information overload, which often results in inaction. And we don’t want that.
  • Contrary to the mantra: best things in life are free! You have to pay.

Rest assured (:

  • Your system is for Men! No wading through ‘get your ex boyfriend back’ bullocks.
  • Electronic, instant downloadable eBook. No waiting or superfluous shipping fees!
  • The ever promised 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Dean Cortez is your wingman

Intrigued? Here is the video presentation:

 Ex Back Experts System For Men


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For a break down of each bonus eBook, visit the links.

Re-attraction Formula

Re-attraction Road Map

Dealing With Break Ups

The 5 Big Sex Myths

The Facebook Pick-Up Method

7 Brutal Online Dating Mistakes

  Ex Back Experts System For Men

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