How to sexting

Hey. What do you know about sexting? Now I'm not talking about. Giving out noobs sitting new pictures to your partner or sitting new genitals to your partner. No, no. I'm talking about Sydney, so awesome sexual text messages to your partner Trying to spice things up.

Bring them look. Aviance to the relationship, you know a little romance. but through words not pictures Because pictures are quick, you know, you send a picture out. It's either a do or don't. But words . You can spice that up. You can make that out all day event. I'll tell you how later don't worry. In the meantime, though. You know, there's like about at least a minimum of five steps to texting. In a simple some of these we are already doing.

As you know First one is tease. Well before you tease, you know, you have your conversation. You can communicate via SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, online chats (like chatlines or pickuplinks), as well as through naughty chats (like fuck chats like on this site). Um, I'm touching the base, you know warm in the base and seeing how your partner feel today, you know. Oh yes then. We're going to the tease. You know. You kind of think about it when you tease you give it a lot of physical complements. Yes. compliments at the Bedrock of romance. Think about it. When you compliment somebody you put a smile on their face. You make a feel good. So we give out all types of compliments. I don't mind giving an example or two. because you know how to put a smile on your partner face. but just in case you don't an example be like you have some beautiful bright. blue eyes I love looking at your eyes. I melt in your eyes. you know, I'm just giving some examples so Oh. You're so sexy. , I like the way you looked in that outfit. If those curves just right. Yes.

So Now, you know I've eaten a little tease. then you move into the seduction. hooey You know, this is where you share some of your turn-ons. for foreplay for dancing For undressing woohoo, some kissing. Oh, what about some erotic massages? Those are gonna be so dangerously fine. So to seduce your lover. by selecting some suggestion questions Now what kind of questions? Could be so suggestion. How about what are you wearing? Where would you like me to touch you? Can you imagine that one? What would you do to me? If that was in bed with you right now. Yeah, have your partner tell you that? Oh, that would be juicy. Juicy juicy. You should be because we're not looking for no quick answers. We want some of that nice juicy descriptive. What would you be doing? to me if I was in the bed with you right now. Don't let him get away with quick answers now. We trying to have some fun here trying to spice some things up. Oh. So after we don't got into all that good seduction. Oh, it's trying to hit the fantasy. Yes. See your seduction questions. will lead you into fantasies and create erotic memories Oh, yes as you can continue sexing your partner. What you want them to do? To you and what you want to do to them? That means you have to be more specific in your details, you know be descriptive. real descriptive so, you know. as we fantasize thinking about what you done said Oh. We get excited. But you got to be real descriptive. for us to be excited You know, that's the mind just wanders off and off. Think about it. This is an example. I want to kiss every single inch of your body. and explore every Nick and cranny with my tongue. and then like me crazy me I'd be like, oh. Exactly where you're gonna explore it. How you gonna do it with your tone, you know.

I want more details. Yeah, I'm greedy. And then as we roll off listen to the orgasm. Wow, this is where you use your most graphic. dirtiest vocabulary here and then you sex about your favorite sex position. And your sexual activities? from using sex toys sounds of pleasure. Oh down to pleasure. Those are big turn. Oh. In a person, you know it, you know, how you like to hear that sound like to know if this is a turn on or not a turtle. Those sounds begin the person you know it. But let me tell you something. those sounds I tell you after this last one. So the last thing is called the cool down. This is where you know you talk to each other. And if it was a hit.

You don't know. Because you might be a percent time for when you gonna actually feel this fantasy that just created. Or how was it? You know do that person get off on what you just said. But let me tell you a couple of Secrets or two. see I had a partner that. Said that text messages, they didn't do anything, you know talking dirty through text mess with anything. I wanted to just play around to see. So what I did. You know, I did the the first two how you doing what's today? And then I will say something like you know, what I wanted to do. but I would describe a scene, you know, this is what I want to do to you. And then two hours later I leave. Okay, so when I said that I leave a clip hanger and then two hours later. I will send another text message. To continue doing what I was doing before, you know, maybe this is the next body part that I want to touch on, you know kissing on your neck. Oh, I'm loving you rubbing my hands on you. And then three hours later. I said another text message because see that partner at the time. We work the two different shifts. I worked the morning and he worked the evening. So we didn't see each other until one of us had a day off where we could meet. And two or the day before I would already start that anticipation. So just remember when you doing something like that.

Be ready to fulfill the need because on your day off. Oh they ready. Unless they can figure out a way to have a lunch break that's long enough to fulfill your needs. Oh. So that was something on you may want to think about if you got a partner that's a way out of town. Because just randomly stand these little messages the spice it up. And if you got like an Android phone because I don't know nothing about an iPhone. They have it where you can schedule your message. So I would text up a whole nice scene.

And I will schedule it to go out maybe. So many hours in the day every two in the daytime. But I know I'm at work. And then I was scheduled time to go out at night when I know that he was at work. Oh and honey child. Juicy make it juicy. So I would do that. And then I would say I wouldn't say if you got the text or not because I would know. They come in all the responses. Yes good Oh and about that I sound effect. If you got an Android look on your Android and you'll text messages. There's this particle. Is called all your recording. Oh verbally say what you gotta say and put the sound effects that you know. That you normally would be doing. I'm telling you. I'm sound effects is a killer. Oh, but I'm gonna let you know. If you're gonna be doing all this beautiful, sexy. remember that you got to be on the back all of that up. when that time come so don't play with no one's mind if you're not going back it up. Yes be prepared be ready. Create that scene. Yes. so this is my tips and tricks for sexy. What do you think? You got some extra tips and trips. Sit Them Down leave them in the comments. I want to hear them. In the meantime, you want to spice some things up. Feel free to share this with your friends. and if you watching this on YouTube subscribe Yes, go ahead and hit that subscribe button. but until the next article I gotta go. Got more stuff to do. All right now.


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